Racing season approaching!

Speeddown season is approaching rapidly. The sales of racer-parts, and especially the complete suspension kit is sky-rocketing. The kit is compatible with the SBS and DaGaNi Rim. The kit was originally designed for C6 application with powerful braking system, but is mainly used in the C4 category.

A complete kit without bearings will cost €981.
This includes 4 hubs, 4 axis, 4 inox brake disks, 4 calipers + their support and 4 uprights.

The client is left the option between two bearing types;
– The SKF energy efficient bearing @ €7,2/each
– The C-Bear hybrid bearing @ €32,5/each

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Air-suspension in SBS gravity racer

Another picture, this time much more self-explaining than before…

The design of Luc Kumps ’s new speeddown machine took a while, but is taking shape now. The chassis and suspension assembly is completed. Next step is adding braking power.


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3D printed steering wheel

Soon we will unveil two prototype gravity racers which were made on demand of Luc Kumps and Pierre Cezar. The gravity racers will consist of multiple new design features, including the first time use of 3D printed parts in speeddown applications. The coming days we will release multiple pictures focusing on different parts of new the gravity racers.


Today one of the most important features; the steering wheel. Fully in house 3D printed on the request of Luc, and sized to his hand-wrist combination. Featuring 3 holes for a connection to a Quick Release system and personal initials of the Pilot

Quick Release (

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Fast selling Rod Ends

The rods-ends from WSW Wälzlager are a great success. The the quality price ratio is excellent, which makes them usefull in different applications.

A new client ordered 40 rod-ends for the construction of a rally car. On such orders we are glad to provide the client with any technical assistance and of course a major discount in pricing.

An average suspended gravity racer will use 30 rod ends for a complete suspension. Depending on the configurations, this makes a total cost of €180-200 for a fully adjustable suspension which can not be engineered with a bushing system. This is the reason why all DaGaNi gravity racers passed to a rod end suspension.

If any technical information required, we refer to the webpage.

The pricing for the male rod ends are;

  • M6: €6.02
  • M8: €6.24
  • M10: €8.04
  • M12: €9.4

Feel free to ask for a discount on >10/pieces orders.

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Rim overhauling

After one season, some rims need overhauling. This is certainly the case for rims which haven’t been anodized. For this reason, clients can send in their old rims and we will give them a second life.  If required the rims are adjusted on the lathing machine so that they run perfectly centered again.

After etching the paint, the part is sand-blasted, primed and coated in any requested color. A baking process of approximately 3 hours cures the paint and the rims are ready to ship. Standard overhauling time is 3-4 days for a set of 5 rims.


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Custom rims towards Italy

Standardization is an idea which has not really been adopted in gravity racing. Sure there are rules constraining the engineering creativity, but most of the time, soapboxes are one-off parts. So it is no surprise clients ask for special items or customizations.

This is the case for Marco Mori, Italian gravity racer in the BOB category, who asked for special ‘no-perforated’ rims. This will allow for a quick customization to older existing hubs, while using a high performance rim from DaGaNi. Of course we whish Marco good luck and a lot of fun with his new rims.

20131118_193913 430247_374231259314113_988607901_n

The other way around, some people prefer using existing material, but using new hubs and C-bear bearings. In this case we provide the free service of adjusting the existing rims to our hubs.


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Brake disks for the european champion

It is known for a long time that ordering parts @ DaGaNi is quite expensive. We are aware of the issue, but everyone knows that quality is our first concern. @ DaGaNi you will only find parts which least multiple seasons. All components sold are proven in the harshest conditions.

That is why Guillaume Moisson, current European Champion C4, consulted DaGaNi for different critical parts. Although everyone is aware that Guillaume is a very capable driver, he is also a well-organized and creative engineer. He has built up his gravity racer in different stages. The aerodynamic concept of his gravity racer, which dates from years ago, is amongst the best designs available. During the winter of 2012-2103 Guillaume made a new chassis with suspension, in which he used DaGaNi rod ends and brake pumps. This approach of making step by step improvements resulted in a first champion title in 2013.1460080_10201165332515191_2096021549_n

For next season, Guillaume is looking for increased braking power. With his list of constrains he came over @ DaGaNi, and together we developed an Inox brake disk for high energy tracks. Production was outsourced @ Devosplaatbewerking. This major brake upgrade will allow for constant brake power, even on very long race tracks where considerable heating and fading occurs.


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Parts for sidecar


Although time for blogging isn’t very high on the priority list, parts for gravity racers are selling like hotcakes.

Benjamin Charlier, who is multiple Champion in the Belgian in C5 Sidecar category, has ambitions on European Level. In order to achiever decent results, he is designing a new Sidecar based on DaGaNi parts. We support him in his endeavor with Rims, Hubs, Axis and a brake system.

Benjamin, we which you good luck next season with your new Sidecar!


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Batteries for Robomower

Today the batteries were assembled for the Robomower.

The base setup will be 40Ah @ 26 volts coming from 8 LiFePo cells.

More info following asap.


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First parts delivery for the 2014 season!

Julien Melchior ordered several parts @ DaGaNi, which he will use to upgrade his gravity racer.


As he has outspoken ambitions to become a 2014 champion he asked for anodized hubs, 32CroNiMo axis, customized brake disks and Hybrid bearings of C-bear.

We which Julien good luck with his goals for next year!


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